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We offer a variety of activities that are highly dependent on the Program the child belongs to. To give you an overview, here are some of the activities that children in each program are involved in:

2 and 3 Years Old Preschool Program

Toddlers are generally curious, they are characteristically active, and very playful. So put such vigor and energy into productive use, we develop exercises to keep them busy and focused on learning new things with every new experience. Among the activities we engage toddlers into include:


  • Arts and Crafts
  • Numbers and Figures
  • Music
  • Dancing and Movements
  • Play and Games
  • Activities involving their senses

4 and 5 Years Old Pre-Kindergarten Program

Children in the Pre-Kindergarten Program are presented with both abstract and concrete tools for learning, having their cognitive faculties more developed. Aside from a whole day of continuous play, they are now introduced to a more regulated schedule with activities focusing on learning more challenging tasks, but still within the realm of their interests. Among the activities they shall be engaged in are the following:

  • Basic Science Experimentations
  • Reading Aloud
  • Spanish and Sign Language
  • Scientific Thinking
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Social Development
  • Language and Literacy
  • Mathematical Thinking
  • Social Studies
  • Physical Development and Health

School Age Program

Having attained further milestones in learning, children 10-13 years old are now prepared for the challenges of middle school, facilitated to learn skills they can use to learn more with initiative and creative thinking. Middle school program activities will include, but not limit to:

  • Reading Assignments
  • Creating Portfolios
  • Arts
  • Completing Projects
  • Taking Tests
  • Higher Mathematics
  • Science
  • Spanish and Sign Language

These are just overviews of the actual activities that we provide students in the classroom. If you have questions, feel free to talk to us. Dial 301-773-6100 and you will be responded to immediately.

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